Three Types of Phone Deals


Sim Only Contracts

Of all the types of phone deals, Sim only contracts are the simplest and the cheapest. With Sim only, you don’t get a handset included in the plan but you get a bundle plan inclusive of your phone service allowance for the month. You must own a mobile phone to avail this deal. Unlike typical phone contracts, you don’t have to get hooked to a lengthy contract with Sim only deals.

Pay Monthly Contracts

Pay monthly contracts is one level more appealing for many customers than Sim only contracts because the deal includes a handset in addition to the bundle plan. If you’re hoping to snatch the latest high-end handset, for example, you can apply for a pay monthly contract. You don’t have to buy the phone upfront this way. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee as dictated by your contract term. Most terms available for pay monthly contracts are 24-month terms.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

If you don’t want to tie yourself with a lengthy contract then there’s always Pay As You Go or PAYG deals to consider. PAYG, as the name implies, is a type of deal where you only top off your phone with credit when needed. There are no fixed monthly fees with PAYG, which in itself is a huge advantage for customers who are not heavy mobile users. With PAYG, you also have greater control of your monthly fee. You can set the maximum amount for top-ups each month and stop topping up once you’ve exceeded your limit. This translates to huge savings provided of course that PAYG is right for your needs.